We are a Free and Confidential Service

MSASS provides crisis support services in Hamilton City only.   We provide ACC Sensitive Claims counselling to the Waikato Region.

We are funded by the Ministry of Social Development and Oranga Tamariki to provide a high-quality, responsive service to people who have experienced sexual harm. 

We support people of all genders, ethnicities and backgrounds.

What we do

Advocacy and support (callout)

A specialist crisis support worker available 24/7 to support a person through any treatment and other processes, including:

  • Police interviews

  • Sexual Abuse Assessment and Treatment Services (SAATS)

  • Forensic Medical Examinations

  • Therapeutic Medical Examinations

  • Follow-up medical examinations as requested

Crisis social work support

Social work provided during the crisis period, including assistance with practical matters such as:

  • Work and Income
  • Securing accommodation
  • Childcare
  • Food and clothing
  • Consultations and liaisons regarding child safety and crisis support work. 

Emergency face-to-face sessions (including crisis counselling)

  • Face to face crisis counselling during and/or immediately following a crisis

  • Face to face support to provide assistance with informed decision making

  • Face to face support to arrange access to resources

  • Face to face support sessions to provide coping mechanisms before the next steps

  • Referral to services to meet need (cultural, mental health, self harm, alcohol/drug or ACC)

MSASS also provide

  • Education, prevention and awareness-raising in schools and the community - register your school today.

  • Court support service - providing support pre, during and after trial.

  • ACC Sensitive Claims Counselling Services

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