We are a Free and Confidential Service

Free and Confidential

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 4.30pm. We are flexible for appointments outside these hours and have evening appointments available on certain days.  Please call our office to arrange.  If you need support outside of MSASS hours, contact Safe to Talk

(0800) 839 4433


Our Office
25 Rifle Range Rd (Close to the Classics Car Museum)
Hamilton, 3204


If you are a provider/professional wanting to refer someone please click below

Self refer or Refer someone else

If you are wanting to self refer or refer someone else please click below

ACC Sensitive Claims

We have temporarily closed our waiting list for ACC Sensitive Claims Counselling.

Please check back next month to see if we have reopened our list. You can go to findsupport.co.nz to find other providers in the area

Book an Education & Prevention Workshop in your School

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