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We are not taking new ACC referrals and have temporarily closed our waitlist.  

Please check back next month for an update or call us on 0800 839 4433

Erin Majurey - Counsellor

Erin completed her Bachelor of Counselling at Bethlehem Tertiary Institute in Tauranga.  Originally from Hamilton, Erin had been living in Rotorua for 7 years with 2 of her 3 children and was excited to move home in 2021 to work in the role of Crisis Counsellor at MSASS.  Erin also has a degree in communications and feels very passionate about creating positive change within the community.  Erin has spent years working in the community as a youth worker and volunteering for organisations such as Women’s Refuge, Victim Support and numerous homeless action groups.  A personal survivor of domestic violence and sexual assault, Erin is dedicated to working with other survivors on their journey of healing, and providing preventative education within the community.  

Erin works from the MSASS offices at 25 Rifle Range Rd, Hamilton.

Erin is not currently taking new ACC clients

Andrea Dobbs - Counsellor

I have been counselling since 2003, in both private practice and in the health sector.  My specialty is in trauma, grief and loss, depression, and anxiety.  What I offer clients is a safe place to heal from pain, distress, and the effects of trauma.  My personal story of survival, and my work with clients, confirms the statement that “Even in hell hope can flower” (Edith Eger).  My practice is based on my personal belief that we are all on a journey of ‘becoming’ who we truly are and that we have the inner gifts and strength to support ourselves towards healing, growth, and wholeness.

I have been married for over 40 years and we have three grown children and eight grandchildren.  I enjoy drawing, painting, and reading.  I am a passionate crocheter, which I have been doing since I was seven, and have been teaching classes for several years.  What keeps me motivated to teach crochet is hearing the many stories of how a simple hook and a ball of wool has healed and changed peoples’ lives.  I am a member of the NZ Christian Counsellors Association.

Andrea works from her office in Tamahere.

Please enquire about Andrea's availability.

Debbie Buddle - Counsellor 

Debbie is a Solutions Focused Counsellor that provides tools and techniques to support you outside the Counselling space.  She is a registered NZAC provisional member.   

Being both a Nutritionist and a Counsellor enables her to offer a complete service to her clients, as supporting the body and mind connection is an important factor to overall health and well-being.

We all have stress to deal with in our lives and certain types of stress and trauma can trigger a cascade of biochemical changes that help create the perfect environment for ill health. It could be a death of a family member, separation, divorce, personal injury, job pressures, financial problems, change in living conditions, challenges with children or parents, relationships, trauma, grief, purpose in life, illness or food related issues. Anxiety and stress can be sickening but whether we choose to let the stress become distress is the critical issue.

Debbie is also a meditation and mindfulness coach.  Learning to respond over reacting is a powerful tool.  Debbie focuses on changing the stress inducing environment by providing coping strategies and tools and techniques including mindfulness, meditation, mind mapping and other management techniques.

Debbie works from the MSASS offices at 25 Rifle Range Rd or via telehealth.

Please enquire about Debbie's availability.

Kiran Kaur - Therapeutic Counsellor

I provide individual and self-paced online therapy; for those experiencing depression, anxiety (including social anxiety, phobias, obsessive-compulsive disorder, PTSD, and panic attacks), burnout, stress, emotional distress, trauma, and psychotic disorders.
I use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), EMDR Therapy to heal past trauma, and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy.

 I believe that everyone has the ability to feel better, live healthier, and live an empowered life. I want you to achieve that. A holistic approach towards your entire self that includes mind, body, and soul to reach your full potential and become the best version of yourself. My mission and why I do what I do is to help people realize how much power they have in themselves to heal their minds, brains, and bodies. I have dedicated my life to finding out how to make mental health care and knowledge easily applicable affordable and accessible to everyone.

Kiran is a registered social worker with the NZ Social Worker's Registration Board.

Kiran works from her office in Queenwood or the MSASS offices at 25 Rifle Range Rd, Hamilton.

Please enquire about Kiran's availibilty.

Niki Green - Counsellor

My name is Niki and I am a counsellor here at Midlands Sexual Assault Support Services (MSASS).

I am new to Hamilton and relocated from New Plymouth where I was born and raised.

Prior to working with MSASS, I started a non-profit online community created to share stories, support and advocate for people who were experiencing depression, anxiety and other mental illness. I am passionate about starting real conversations that bring understanding to and help reduce the stigma people with mental health issues experience.

I gained my Master’s degree in counselling in 2014 and trained in the area of sexual violence. I still feel honoured every time survivors of trauma allow me to be part of their journey towards healing.

When I am not working you can find me in my comfy trackpants binge watching crime documentaries or hanging out with family and friends. 

Niki works from the MSASS offices at 25 Rifle Range Rd, Hamilton.

Niki is not currently taking new ACC clients.


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